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About us

Design and production company EIC "Technomir" was founded in 2004. Direction of activity - production of technological products and all kinds of engineering work in the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries.

The main principle of the activity is to timely perform the work in accordance with the quality standard. Each of our customers should be confident in the expected result, instructing us to perform the tasks necessary for it.

We strive to study and create new technologies, every work done is a small step on the way to gaining a firm position among the advanced advanced industrial enterprises of the country.

Today EIC "Technomir" is:

  • more than two hundred projects implemented in Russia and the near abroad;
  • a complete production cycle from system design to commissioning and maintenance;
  • experience of work, interaction and construction of facilities in major leading oil and gas companies in Russia;
  • territorial distribution of projects: The Arctic Circle, the Far East, the southern territories of the CIS countries;
  • a certified production site with tolerances, permits and certified equipment;
  • trained specialists of each production cycle;
  • own development of the software and logic complex;
  • experience in implementing projects in all equipment of domestic and imported production of world manufacturers;
  • own departments of integrated design, construction and installation field and commissioning.

Main activities:

  1. Engineering surveys and development of complex projects of oil, gas and energy industries.
  1. Designing, metrological support, manufacturing, delivery of equipment, commissioning, warranty maintenance of systems for measuring the quantity and quality of oil, natural associated petroleum gas and gas condensate, liquefied hydrocarbon gases.
  1. Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning:
  • block-module compressor installations;
  • capacitive and heat-exchanging equipment;
  • boiler house;
  • pumping stations (oil, mazut, pumping fire extinguishing);
  • automated gas distribution stations;
  • reinforcement blocks, blocks of shut-off and switching armature;
  • blocks of gas preparation and reduction.
  1. Manufacture of electrical board and cabinet equipment:
  • cabinets of the distributed control system (DCS);
  • emergency protection cabinets (EPC);
  • control cabinets for electrical heating of pipelines and equipment (CCE);
  • cabinets of the automatic fire extinguishing system (CFE);
  • cabinets of the automatic gas pollution control (CFE);
  • cabinets of the uninterrupted power system (CUPS);
  • input-distributing devices cabinets (IDD);
  • low-voltage electrical switchboard (LVES);
  • automatic transfer reserve switchboards (ATRS);
  1. Designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of analytical systems.
  1. Designing, supply, installation and commissioning of automated process control systems and production systems (ACS TP), telemechanics systems, production management systems (MES) and enterprise resource management systems (ERP).
  1. Designing, delivery, installation and commissioning of automatic fire extinguishing systems and gas contamination control systems.
  1. Design, installation and commissioning of industrial electrical heating pipelines and process equipment.
  1. Designing and manufacturing of block containers and modular buildings.
  1. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of automated systems for commercial metering of electricity.
  1. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of engineering systems and systems monitoring systems.