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Analytical systems

аналитические системы 2

EIC "Technomir" performs a full range of works on analytical systems, from design to manufacturing, implementation, verification and maintenance.

The company has extensive experience in the implementation, maintenance, and technical support of industrial chromatographs of the most well-known companies on the market, such as: Siemens AG, Emerson, Yokogawa, Dani, ZAO SKB Chromatek, ABB, and others.

Chromatography, in particular gas chromatography, is a universal method for analyzing various substances, characterized by high sensitivity, selectivity and measurement speed, as well as low cost.

Industrial gas analyzers and chromatographs are designed for continuous, round-the-clock automatic control of the composition of raw materials, intermediates and products for the gas and liquid media. They are applied in the extractive, oil and gas refining, petrochemical, food industries.

аналитические системы Depending on the aggregate state, gas and liquid chromatography was the most widely used in the analysis of multicomponent mixtures of complex composition.

One of the most commonly used detectors is an accident detector (thermal conductivity detector), whose operation principle is based on a change in the electrical resistance of the conductor, depending on the thermal conductivity of the medium being analyzed.

Flame ionization detectors (PID) are also common, the principle of which is based on the ionization of organic substances in the flame of a hydrogen burner. The peculiarity of PID chromatographs is that, in addition to supplying the carrier gas, the supply of hydrogen to the burner nozzle.

A new direction in chromatography is electrochemical detectors serving to analyze sulfur content in technological processes.

During the commissioning and commissioning, the training of the Customer's personnel is conducted.