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Boiler house

The block-modular boiler-house is a transportable boiler plant, completely ready for operation and requiring only connection to the heating system. The main purpose of such facilities is to supply hot water, steam and heat to housing, social, industrial and communal facilities.

The raw material for modular boiler plants is natural gas or liquid fuel. The technological equipment of the boiler house is compactly located in the modular unit, which has thermal insulation and fully complies with the sanitary and hygienic and fire safety requirements.

The purchase of a boiler house of this type contributes to the rapid construction of a mini-boiler of the required capacity and its commissioning in a short time. The cost of a block-modular boiler-house depends on the equipment to be completed, its capacity, and the automation system.

Possibilities of block boiler houses

In the event of emergency or deviation of the safety parameters from the set values, the automatic control and operation control system will cut off the fuel supply to the boiler room.

The overall dimensions of the block boiler houses provide for the possibility of their transportation by road or rail.

To automate the operation of the modular boiler house, it is equipped with a telemetry system, which allows the organization of a distributed network with a single dispatch center on the basis of several boiler houses. It also provides for the integration of electric power, gas, generated heat, hot and cold water into commercial units, but all these devices will be included in the cost of the block boiler house.

Advantages of a modular boiler house

To buy a block-modular type boiler house follows many advantages from its introduction, which include:

  • Reduction of the cost of the generated thermal energy due to the reduction of the length of the heating main and, accordingly, heat losses during delivery to consumers.
  • The block diesel boiler plant can work practically in an independent mode, which makes it one of the most reliable.
  • A high degree of equipping the boiler with automation means ensures trouble-free operation of the equipment in automatic mode.
  • The installation of the block-modular boiler house is referred to the installation of equipment, and not to capital construction.
  • Installation of equipment takes place in the factory, which significantly improves the quality of assembly and production culture.
  • The price of a block boiler plant based on the results of studies is much lower than the construction of a stand-alone boiler house.
  • The compressed terms of design, production, transportation, installation and commissioning of the facility.
  • Simple and quick dismantling of the boiler room to move to a new installation site.