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Buildings of administrative-household and electro-technical purposes. Block-boxes and block-containers

блок бокс

Specialization of the enterprise's work on the creation of industrial process units and engineering systems involves the design and manufacture of shelters for these systems. As a rule, this is an integral part of the final products.

For the convenience of the Customer, taking into account the manufacture of products in the maximum factory readiness and implementation of the principle of performing work "on a turn-key basis", our enterprise completes the facility with block-containers and modular buildings.


блок бокс 2Block containers and complex modular buildings are designed and manufactured according to an individual order in accordance with the requirements of the Customer, the characteristics and climatic conditions of the facility and the specifics of the technological equipment located in it.

Block-containers are volumetric structural rooms of both non-separable type on welded joints, as well as collapsible, transformable type, for compact storage or transportation.

The basis of block containers and mobile buildings is a metal frame of high strength with a special coating that ensures the stability of the metal frame to the effects of external factors throughout the life of the product.

блок боксы3The metal frame is covered with an anticorrosive compound. The metal frame is covered with sandwich panels with a wide choice of colors at the request of the customer. Depending on the insulation used between the panels, mobile buildings can be used in a wide variety of climatic conditions.

All mobile buildings produced by our organization can, if necessary, be equipped with ventilation, heating, electricity, gas, fire-extinguishing and fire alarm systems, security alarm and video surveillance systems.