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Capacitive and heat-exchanging equipment

емкостное и массобменное оборудование

EIC "Technomir" together with its partners provides services in the design of capacitive and heat-exchange equipment.

And also performs technological and hydraulic calculations of capacitive apparatus.

The purpose of the technological calculation is to optimize the operating modes of the equipment and to determine the possibility of obtaining the required quality of the output product and the required productivity.

The purpose of hydraulic calculations is to determine the most effective types of contact devices in the design of new or reconstruction of existing equipment.

Capacitive vehicles are divided according to the most characteristic for design and calculation of strength characteristics for three characteristic types: capacitive and heat exchange, and column.

емкостное и массообменное оборудование 2

It is customary to refer to capacitive devices all horizontal and vertical (with a ratio of H / D ≤ 5) apparatus, in which there may be various special internal devices, as well as external heat exchange jackets.

Capacitive equipment is the most common in the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, food and other related industries and serves a variety of purposes. In the capacitive apparatus, such processes as various chemical reactions, heating / cooling, mixing, sedimentation, and other technological transformations are carried out. The containers are also used to collect, store and dispense the product.

The main structural elements of capacitive equipment include: shells, bottoms, unions, various supports and slings, flange connections, mixing devices and drives to them.