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проектирование 1The creation of any system begins with the development of a working project. The project is developed on the basis of a carefully studied task for the design of the Customer and the developed terms of reference. The data obtained during the survey of the object and the data based on the examination of the existing technical documentation are used.

During the design process, technical meetings with the Customer are possible to quickly and jointly solve the emerging technical problems and find optimal solutions. The choice of the project equipment is carried out in accordance with the specialized normative documentation, taking into account the existing nomenclature of the Customer's equipment and the economic feasibility of the implemented project.

Instruments and equipment have the necessary certificates, permits for use and have a positive application experience. At the whole design stage, if necessary, the technical solutions are coordinated with the Customer's specialists. Compliance with the timing of design - one of the principles of the company, in which a timely final result is an important factor.

The current normative lists of ESDC and SPDS standards are observed, namely the development of:

  • project documentation;
  • working documentation;
  • design documentation.

When developing the design estimates, the wishes of the customers, the features of the design object, the requirements of the normative and technical documentation, the experience gained and the modern solutions used in the world practice are taken into account.


For each project, the company provides technical support for design estimates:

  • coordination in the bodies of industrial safety;
  • coordination in state and non-state expert bodies;
  • coordination in the metrological examination bodies;
  • coordination with all the Customer's specialized bodies.

If necessary, the author's supervision is carried out during the construction and commissioning of the facility.