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Electrical laboratory

List of testing mode and measurements of EIC "Technomir" laboratory (up to 1000 V):

Электролаборатория 1

  1. Protocol of measurement of earthing resistance arrangements.
  2. Checking of the chain circuit between earthing arrangements and earthed elements. Check the presence of a circuit between grounded installations and elements of a grounded installation.
  3. Measurements of insulation resistance of electrical apparatuses, secondary circuits and electrical wiring up to 1 kV.
  4. Checking the operation of the protection for a power system with a grounded neutral (direct measurement of the single-phase current or the measurement of the impedance of the phase-zero loop with the subsequent determination of the short-circuit current).
  5. Checking the operation of the trip units of circuit breakers.
  6. Testing of ATS devices.
  7. Testing (testing) of residual current devices (RCDs).
  8. Testing of power cable lines with voltage up to 1 kV.
  9. Электролаборатория 2Measurements of touch voltage and pitch.
  10. Testing of measuring current transformers up to 1 kV.
  11. Verification of the phasing of RUs with voltage up to 1 kV and their connections.
  12. Test of AC electric motors with a voltage of up to 1 kV.
  13. Inspection of lightning protection devices.

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