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комплектацияThe complex of services provided by the EIC "Technomir" includes supply and installation of equipment for internal engineering systems of oil and gas facilities. The quality of the supplied equipment in combination with qualified installation guarantees reliable and long-term operation of the facilities. When preparing project solutions, the specialists of the company, in agreement with the Customer, give recommendations on the choice of the manufacturer and the type of necessary equipment, which optimizes the terms, volumes and financial costs of the Customer for the project.

Our specialists guarantee, promptness in completing and carrying out works on delivery of necessary equipment with obligatory observance of terms. When assembling large facilities for field development and equipment delivery, the prices and terms of payment that are optimal for the customer are provided. All equipment supplied is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Warranty obligations are reflected in the documents attached to the equipment supplied.

Technological equipment and sets of equipment for oil and gas producing and oil and gas refining enterprises:

  • oil and gas equipment;
  • equipment of main pipelines;
  • heat exchange equipment for the oil and gas industry;
  • Capacitive equipment;
  • equipment for thermal power plants.

Pipeline accessories:

  • ball valves for gas, oil and petroleum products DN 10 -1400 mm PN 1.6 -16.0 MPa;
  • Ball valves for gas, water, steam and other non-aggressive media DN 25-700 mm PN up to 2.5 MPa;
  • sliding gate valves for oil and oil products DN 300-1200 mm PN 1.6-15.0 MPa (including seismic resistant version);
  • wedge gate valves for non-aggressive petroleum products, oil, water, steam, liquid ammonia, natural gas DN 80-1200 mm PN 1.6-10.0 MPa;
  • The drives and reducers for the control of pipeline valves;
  • Wedge gate valves DN from 80 to 800 mm P r from 1,1 to 24,5 MPa;
  • check valves of II and III safety classes DN from 100 to 600 mm, P r from 5.5 to 20.0 MPa.

Ball valves, slide and wedge gate valves are equipped with electric drives of Russian and foreign production. The whole range of products has connecting dimensions in accordance with ISO standards, which allows, at the request of the customer, to use drives from different manufacturers.

Technological equipment, measuring and automation equipment:

  • automatic samplers;
  • block installations for oil and oil products accounting;
  • horizontal and net filters;
  • hydrometers of oil;
  • gas and oil meters;
  • blocks of data processing;
  • reagent feeders;
  • flow transducers;
  • samplers;
  • flow converters;
  • automation blocks;
  • liquid level sensors;
  • blocks of spark ignition;
  • level gauges.